Case study – The butterfly shape sorting toy.

As every parent we were so excited to try this new butterfly shape sorting sensory toy with you. Little did we know that though its purpose seemed very easy to us but for you it just wasn’t so. As curious you were to play with it the first day as miffed you felt with it in the coming days. Whenever we got it out you just wouldn’t get it. You’d aimlessly begin to bang these shapes and then cry. You were just so disappointed with it.

Aw, my little baby of course you were very little for this game. Both mummy and daddy gave each other that ‘oh boy, what a bummer’ stare. We really thought you’d love this toy instantly!

Do you know why sensory play is a must?

Sensory toys are helpful in constructively engaging a baby’s mind. They are designed in a way to enhance the range of a child’s five senses namely touch, sound, smell, sight and taste. These toys not only give ample of opportunities for young brains to develop mentally but also assist in physical development of grasping muscles. Plus they are excellent to calm down any routine meltdown. Hence sensory play and toys which give a chance for enhancing a baby’s sensory skills are very beneficial to a child’s growth.

But what were we gonna do now that this toy did not excite you much?

So mummy and daddy started to bring it to you atleast once a week. Just to make you friendly with it. We only wanted you to know that you had this toy too, for whenever you felt ready to and guess what? Within a few days, you understood the purpose of the shapes. They weren’t meant to be thrown away, the shapes go inside. Finally! Though one mind not find it as much of an achievement, but for us every little thing you did has always been worth celebrating.

The more we cheered for you, the more often the butterfly’s turn came in the coming weeks. Mummy would place the shapes and you’d push them in then squeal. This went on and on. Your excitement became our joy and this toy inched it’s way closer and closer to becoming a favorite.

Next we removed the lid and let you throw all the shapes in. That was easy and you did great unattended. We knew it won’t take you long to place the lid back yourself and you did!

Soon you began to bring things to us and one day it was this butterfly! With time and a whole lot of stubborn persistence you gradually aced putting the circles inside and then the squares, and now you’re so close to getting all of the other shapes. 

It is so surreal that it was only day before yesterday..? Or so it seemed that the only joy this toy brought to you was of throwing all the shapes away and look, now you know exactly where each shape is supposed to go.

It has finally become one of your favorite toys – your butterfly shape sorting toy.

May 18, 2020

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