Moong Dal Chilla


  1. Cup of mung beans, washed and kept soaked in water for atleast three hours.
  2. Two medium sized onions chopped finely
  3. Coriander leaves or other green garnishing finely chopped.

Preparation time – 3 hours
Cooking time – 10 to 15 minutes

About the recipe

This recipe is Pihu’s most favorite. Since she is currently in the I-love-the-fork-the-most phase, she enjoys picking pieces of the chilla using a fork.

Ofcourse since it super packed with proteins, she doesn’t finish the whole chilla at one time so I pack it in a tiffin and offer it whenever she wants a snack. It is a #vegan recipe.

I read somewhere raw onions are probiotic and excellent for strengthening the gut so this recipe has a good dose of raw onions also greens and cooling spices like cumin. It is hence preferred all year round!


Step 1 – Wash the mung beans under running water and let them rest soaked for minimum three hours.

Step 2 – Drain the water and put the mung beans in the grinder along with a big, fat green chilly and a peeled piece of ginger say an inch in size. Grind to a fine paste. Add desirable quantity of water so that the mixture is smooth but not runny.

Step 3 – Empty the mixture in a bowl and add the chopped onion and garnishing. Now your grinded mixture should look something like this –

Step 4 – Mix it with hand so that it turns frothy and then add spices such as salt, red chilly powder and cumin seeds as per ones taste.

1 tbsp red chilly powder
0.5 tbsp cumin seeds
1.5 to 2 tbsp salt or less if you prefer less salt in your meals.

Step 5 – Heat a non stick pan and pour half a teaspoon of oil (any of choice, I used mustard oil). Once it is hot, empty it upon the red chilly powder so that it becomes aromatic and releases a beautiful sunset color.

Step 6 – Spread the pancake mixture evenly on the hot pan and stretch it out using a spoon. Now cover it with lid. Allow it to cook on lowest flame for few minutes and pour few drops of oil around it. Increase the flame gradually.

Step 7 – After 5 minutes of cooking flip the chilla and pour around more oil so that the order side also cooks. The flame should be medium so that the chilla doesnt burn.

Step 8 – Flip the pancake again and let it cook some more on lowest flame. Flip again to check if it’s done.

Step 9 – Your mung bean pancake or as we call Moong dal chilla is ready to serve.

Step 10 – Enjoy it hot with either a chilled glass of spiced buttermilk or some fresh fruit juice. A mint-coriander chutney or chilly tomato sauce goes superbly with it.


If while checking to flip the pancake, it appears to be soft, let it cook or else it might break. A broken pancake won’t look nice to serve.

Don’t be scared of the green chilly. It won’t make the pancake spicy for a toddler. Try more of Pihu’s favorite dishes by clicking on the button below!

Of course you can add other vegetables too!


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