This is the man I see at home
[a #fathersday poem]

This is the man I see at home.

No matter how tired he’ll be,
or how urgently, he’d want to rush to pee
if his little girl opens the door,
he will bend down to sweep her off the floor
and, then they will dance,
making way through the house
to eat forbidden snacks, as quietly as a mouse
he will wash her face and comb her hair
he will make her fly, jump high in the air
I’ve seen them watch cartoons,
sing nursery rhymes, and all
he’s even gotten down on the floor,
when teaching her to crawl
So I believe she is his heart and he’s her king
because only of each other they will always sing
and I can get as jealous as I’d like to be, but
truly they are beyond perfect if you’d ever get to see, and,
so very much alike! He’s the Sun of our home, and,
she’s his sweet little sunshine.

He may not be a superman but he is super extraordinary in all his ways.

God bless all daddies and the tiny ones they are always so proud to carry around.

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