Today you chose
which shoes to wear
you fought for them, and
threw yourself
until I understood
you wanted
that pair

Today you held my hand, and
walked along
like any mama’s girl would
when we neared the swings
you ran away
any child should

Today you told me
when you had to go
Ofcourse for that
I had to ask you
a gazillion times
until you finally
gave up
from saying no!

Today you gave me
a smile
when I asked you to, and then
surprised me
with a kiss on the lips, and
even repeated
after me
I love you, and
Oh how I wish!

Today you quietly
ate all the grapes
singing along
~grapees grapees grapees~
you even asked for
some more water
following it
with the sweetest little ~peas?~
my dear heart
my little squeeze

Today you brought
your ‘busy day for birds’ book,
you made all the birds fly
and woke up the owl too, and
then your ‘baby’s day’ baby too
who was fed, bathed, towel dried, and
lulled to bed too!

It’s just so amazing
how many things
you’ve learned to manage
makes me so happy
that you’re growing
strong willed, and
quite independent

But slow down for once
my darling girl
there’s no hurry, come here
rest your twirl
let me kiss you
a little longer, and
hold you
a little tighter
slow down for me, love
though slow down
there’s still
lots more
to learn
lots you’ve

– aabhie

May 07, 2020

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