Starting solids is such a milestone that every mom eagerly looks forward to it. Where for some mothers it embarks an onset of baby-led weaning for some it can be a nerve-wracking task. Here is the best advice I can offer you when it’s your time to introduce your child to solids and self-eating. But, before that, please understand that self-feeding is a huge milestone and immediate results or instant expertise should not be expected.


A. Have PATIENCE with your tiny human!

Your baby can sense your emotions more naturally than you yourself can. Hence, only when you patiently guide your babe how to eat independently will he/she be able to ace it. So, mammas, be hopeful, be very hopeful but, don’t lose patience with your child.

Every baby grows and develops differently. There is no need to compare and feel worrisome if your little one is on a food rejection spree. Give time to your child and stay positive. The key to acceptance of solids is to offer variety and loads of textures!

B. BABY BIBS are must when starting solids!

It will keep your baby’s clothes from spoiling and will be very helpful in making your mealtimes less messy. Though not really because babies and mess go hand in hand. But its good to hope.
Purchase a sleeveless and a full-sleeved bib to assist different weathers and moods of your little one.

You can sew a sleeveless baby bib at home too or if you want I can ask my Grandma to sew it for your little one.

stitch baby bib at home, baby eating watermelon, self feeding is fun, baby development compare,
My little one enjoying some watermelon on a hot day wearing a sleeveless bib made of love and another made in a factory. At nine months V/S twenty-one months!

The bib she’s wearing at nine months was stitched by my Gran and the one at twenty-one months was purchased online. Both have been very useful to us!

Sleeveless bibs are perfect for summers when the child is wearing half sleeved or sleeveless clothes. Its easier to wash off any mess from arms. However, for winters, we suggest a full-sleeved bib that will give your baby’s woolens complete protection from any stains!

C. Give your little one a place to eat, invest in a good FEEDING CHAIR!

A self-feeding session to be a success requires babies to be made to sit at one spot so that they come to relate that spot with eating. A feeding chair makes this transition from mother’s lap to sitting in front of a meal plate, an easy feat.

Opt for a multifunctional HIGH RISE CONVERTIBLE CHAIR or a simpler and easy to manage BOOSTER CHAIR. Or if neither of those, you can opt for a convertible feeding chair. Basically, go for any feeding chair that suits your meal routine.

For instance, at my place, we don’t really use the table. We feel rather comfortable sitting on the floor when eating. So, a booster chair suited us the most.

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This is the feeding chair that we use. It’s a BOOSTER CHAIR from FISHER-PRICE and its the best gift we have received to date!

  • It is foldable and easy to carry along.
  • It is a superbly robust booster feeding chair that comes with double Removable Trays plus tray lid and all the necessary safety harnessing.
  • You can strap this booster on to a high chair at a dining table or simply when sitting on the floor to eat.
  • I don’t even need to mention that it is dishwasher safe and comes with a recommendation from one very dear little darling girl, our Pihu!
  • This chair has made our self-feeding journey breezy beyond our expectations.
  • I’d rate this 10 out of 5 stars if I could!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I personally recommend this booster chair over any feeding chair available in the market because of its versatility and long durability! It is unbelievable that one may convert this booster to become as useful as any high chair by just fixing a few straps!

D. Don’t forget to stock some BABY SENSITIVE CUTLERY

When beginning with solids and self-feeding to be precise, every mother feels that babies can’t really eat on their own using the cutlery we as adults are more accustomed to. But, guess what? Babies are so impressive in learning new skills that whatever you give them, they will just now how to make the best use of it!

With Pihu, I instantly knew I would not go for a sipper or any other but a typical baby steel glass that would blend with my kitchen utensils. Why?

  1. because I wanted a product whose shelf life would be longer and,
  2. would make her self feeding journey easier in the long run.
    So we rummaged through the market to find her a suitable small glass.

A little insight when going glass hunting for your little one starting solids :

in what should my baby drink water
Glasses with rounded rims and slender bodies will be easier to grip for little babies, and will also not cut your baby’s lips during drinking.

Now that her glasses were sorted, another issue rose – Pihu needed spoons and since she had begun to turn over plates also, we needed a suction-based cutlery alternative.

A strong suction cutlery set makes starting solids easy breezy!

suction cutlery for moody eaters, silicon spoon for teething baby

I came across this suction bowl and silicone tip soft spoon set online and just knew it would be the perfect companion to my little one.

  • Made from organic bamboo the spoon and bowl are very lightweight.
  • The suction of the bowl is by far the strongest available in the market. In the pic, I have placed the bowl on our balcony floor which doesn’t support suctioning but still, the bowl held its ground for long.
  • On her booster, this suction bowl sticks very firmly.
  • The silicon spoon has an easy-grip design which my daughter completely loves. It is super soft and works as a teething toy also for her.
  • We’d give this bowl and spoon set a four-star rating only because it is not unbreakable.
  • It is sturdy because of the suction but one must be watchful that the bowl does not fall from a height or else it will break.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

E. A play-mat can be used as a FEEDING MAT too!

Believe me, the initial days of self-feeding leave the room looking like a war zone! Food bites and rejected bits can be found just everywhere! As a first time mom, who lived in a nuclear setup, I had to come up with a quicker solution to cleaning after.

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So, I came up with this little trick where just roll out Pihu’s waterproof play-mat before placing her feeding chair.

Then I would sit with a little kitchen napkin to wipe off any curry splashes she would make there and then!

Once she was done and washed, I would carry the play-mat to the sink where I would empty all dry food remains.

And, if I found the chance, I would give her play-mat another wipe and if not, it didn’t make much a difference!


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I hope you found this article useful. If there are any queries regarding starting solids and self-feeding practices for a baby to pen down your questions. I eagerly look forward to your comments.

Stay safe, friends.

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