If your baby struggles with self-feeding or has not yet begun independent eating, believe me, FOXNUTS ARE GOING TO BECOME HER NEXT FAVORITE FINGER FOOD! Don’t worry momma, the benefits of eating Fox nuts for babies are endless! They are absolutely super nutritious first food snack options.

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I purchase my bag of Foxnuts from online so I make a point to pick choose Makhana from the bag that are rounded and look more whitish. I feel they are easy to roast and serve


Let’s begin with the nutritional value of Fox nuts or Phool makhanas:

  1. They are rich in Calcium, in fact, they contain double the level of calcium as compared to breastmilk, hence a great option as good first foods for baby-led weaning! Calcium supports in building a strong bone structure of your baby.
  2. Super high in proteins, they are excellent to beat any sudden, odd timed craving of your baby.
  3. Loaded with good fibers, magnesium, and potassium, fox nuts are an excellent food choice if your baby is suffering from digestive issues like constipation.
  4. Ayurveda recommends Fox nuts to further support the smooth functioning of kidneys.
  5. A decent source of Iron too!
  6. As a snack, Foxnuts are excellent for inculcating pincer skills.
  7. It makes up for a superb sensory eating option as well!
  8. Plus they are the perfect travel buddies for your little one’s sudden hunger pangs.

So, don’t you agree that the benefits of fox nuts for babies are very impressive? No wonder they are called Superfoods for babies and Toddlers! Just give them a try!

little one enjoying super baby food makhana
Little Pihu excited about her Makhanas! Who said only Milk is rich in Calcium? Introduce them to Fox nuts!

But before you run to fetch out a packet of Makhanas from your Kitchen pantry or Amazon’s, here are

Some Fox nuts basic pointers that you must be aware of :

  • Finger foods like Fox nuts, Rice Crisps, Baked Potatoes, Roasted Sweet Potato chips, and so on, so forth should be offered to a baby only FROM ONE YEAR ONWARDS.
  • Owing to their round shape, Foxnuts are AN ABSOLUTE CHOKING HAZARD if offered as it is. So, until your baby develops all molars and aces chewing DO QUARTER THEM BEFORE ROASTING.
  • Even if your baby is an excellent eater NEVER OFFER FOXNUTS AS WHOLE PIECES, HALF THEM AT LEAST if you are that sure of your baby’s eating skills.
  • Snacks of any kind can be offered to a baby as and when the baby demands. However, SNACKS SHOULD NOT REPLACE BREAST MILK.
  • Understand this, crystal clear, BREASTMILK OR FORMULA MILK ARE MUSTS FOR NUTRITION OF AN INFANT. They should never be stalled just to make the baby learn how to eat on its own.

How to roast Fox nuts?

Foxnuts are pretty simple to cook. You only have to roast them. However, when doing for a baby they must be perfectly roasted because you don’t want to lose out on any benefits of eating fox nuts for babies. Below is a detailed image followed by quick steps to roasting Fox nuts or Makhanas.

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See, so easy peasy it is to cook fox nuts! Trust me, they will become your baby’s favorite snack!
  • Set a nonstick pan or a wok to heat and while it heats quarter each fox nut in the meantime.
  • Next, add the quartered fox nuts and keep on stirring till you will notice a change in color and slight shrinking of each fox nut.
  • You may spice them up as you’d prefer for your baby. However, avoid salt if your baby is below one year.
  • Take them off the pan once the makhana turn slightly pinkish-brown and let them cool before serving.

Little hacks that can make a world of difference to the above-mentioned benefits of eating Fox Nuts for babies:

nutritious snack for babies and toddlers
Ready to serve in our super suction, organic bamboo baby bowl!
  2. Just slide through a sharp knife and your quartered Foxnuts will become ready.
  3. If a Fox nut feels too hard on the knife, DO NOT ROAST IT FOR YOUR BABY.
  4. Never leave Foxnuts on the pan to roast unattended. You MUST CONTINUOUSLY KEEP STIRRING THEM.
  5. There is NO NEED TO ADD OIL TO THE PAN, you can dry roast the Foxnuts or roast them in salt too!
  6. Add spices ONCE THE FOXNUTS ARE ALMOST DONE to avoid burning the essence of the spices.

Handy hacks to assure your Fox Nuts Snack Journey reaches its destination:

  1. DO NOT OFFER THE ROASTED FOX NUTS STRAIGHT FROM THE PAN. Give them a minute or two to cool down first.
  2. In the meanwhile make your baby sit in the feeding chair and buckle up!
  3. Use a suction bowl or silicon plate that your baby cannot easily topple down. Suction bowls are excellent for snacking and teaching eating from a bowl. We have aced not toppling over fairly recently, say at twenty months! But, hey every baby is different. Let them set their own milestones!
  4. DO NOT OFFER ALL THE FOX NUTS AT ONCE. Offer in batches and keep calm as baby eats.
  5. Your excitement to baby’s acceptance of Foxnuts can turn the tables around. So stay calm and keep encouraging your little one to pick them up one by one.
  6. If your baby loses interest midway, ask the baby to feed you. The interest will again peak in most cases and the baby will resume snacking.
  7. If the baby is completely disinterested in snacking, GIVE YOUR BABY A BREAK. You can store these roasted fox nuts in an airtight Tupperware.
  8. A change of location can also entice your baby to show interest in snacking. How about for a change place your baby’s feeding chair in the balcony?
  9. Also, it is but natural for a baby to throw around Foxnuts so don’t feel pressured that your baby is wasting them or creating a mess. Simply put a big play-mat underneath your baby’s feeding chair the next time you offer any snack or meal. I would not encourage you to offer food which has fallen on the ground because it teaches the baby that it’s a normal thing to do. It is not.

A word of encouragement for all mommies here-

Please don’t feel heartbroken if your baby doesn’t understand how to eat Fox nuts. Sometimes it takes time to develop a taste. Just work around the spices a bit more and your baby will be eating Fox nuts for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Truly, it will be sheer panic when Fox nuts run out of your pantry. Have patience, mommy, and trust your baby’s instincts.

Please do not forget to keep me updated about your baby’s Foxnuts obsession and if you have any pictures then do tag us whenever you upload them! And, if you have any queries regarding the benefits of eating fox nuts for babies or want to know about more baby snack options or how to make your baby begin with self-feeding, just drop in a comment and we’ll get back to you asap! In the meanwhile check out more from our Self-feeding series!

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