Sometimes parenting is having to leave the table right after you had your first bite.

Sometimes parenting is finally being able to sit down when others are already munching on their last bite.

Many times it is about cleaning during meals.

Many times it is about letting your tiny human enjoy the meal and the mess.

Some days you can load the laundry, make a drink to go along with the meal, or chop some salad while the fruit vanishes into tiny mouths.

Some days no matter how much you persist and pursue not a single morsel goes down the throat.

Mealtimes are mostly fun for Pihu and I. We enjoy our company and eat quite peacefully. But, one day my baby suddenly stopped eating! I felt so shattered. The meal was not very spicy. I was watchful of the chilly I put. Salt was fine too. What should I do?

I had a strong urge to force-feed her.

My hand reached for the remote. I knew she would easily eat if I played her some rhyme videos on the television. My meal was getting cold. I had to act quickly. I turned on the television and she looked up.

But then I stopped.

No, this was not how we ate.

We eat without distractions and enjoy to play with our food. We enjoy twisting every bite around our fingers. The textures and colors of the meal excite our sensory organs.

I couldn’t get myself to put on her favorite channel.

But. what was I to do? I wanted to throw away my meal.

We were both well aware of the benefits of baby-led weaning and the benefits of self-feeding for babies but her sudden refusal to eat food, killed my appetite.

A bite can either be savored or destroyed, either reasons, only a child knows.


Nonetheless, days do come by when you become luckiest and your little one surprises you with a licked empty plate.

But hey, don’t become used to it.

Now that is the charm of a self-fed baby’s mealtimes – It is the contentment you are rewarded with every single bite your little one takes. Plus it is also the risk and heartbreak that ensues when they topple down the bowl in agitation or when they scream to be out of their feeding chair way before you even put a plate in front of them.

My Baby Suddenly Stopped Eating! Help!

These are the times when as a mom you need to let your child just express.

Instead of asking her again and again to take a bite, just take a moment to question yourself:

  1. When did she last eat something?
  2. Is she thirsty?
  3. Is she too hot or is she running a temperature?
  4. Imagine what all could be going on in her tiny little body.
  5. What could she be so irritated about?

Free her from the meal! Force feeding a baby is not good!

  • Nothing is worth it if it makes her feel so.
  • Such behavior is not healthy.
  • Be assured she will eat when she will feel ready to.
  • Offer food again after some time.
  • Offer a snack the next time.
  • Give her time and most importantly, give her the opportunity
    to just be.

If she doesn’t want to eat,
it’s okay.

Make her feel you are there for her no matter what.

Repeat – It is okay if my baby suddenly stopped eating.
Mom understands. Mom is there.

Everything will be fine. We will eat later.

I am sure these situations might have blessed your home too. Do tell me how did you as a mom cope. Please don’t say you force fed your baby…?

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