Do you know that rattle toys are the first toys every new parent purchases or is gifted with? It’s true and what’s more amazing about rattles is that they are the most special among all the toys available in the baby range.


It is these toys that will stay the most in your baby’s hands, be hung atop the stroller/rocker, upon the crib, be found in every nook your home and even mummy daddy’s jackets to be precise.

In fact, they will be so dearly loved that they’ll be the first to be swung across the room, be chewed upon mercilessly till they lose shape, be disastrously broken and also get lost along the way. Believe me rattles are such amazing first toys, they are the first stepping stones to a child’s behavioral development. They will assist your little one in identifying different sounds, recognizing colors, learning shapes and eventually figuring out what’s ownership – what is theirs, who are they? What is their name? Who is mummy’s monkey? Who is daddy’s bud, and so on so forth.

But they will also be the first among all toys to fall onto your baby’s face or head while they figure out how to grasp and hold things. The first to disrupt your tiny human’s sleep in case mummy moves the pillow they are hiding under. Though let me warn you it will also be these rattles only that will bring out the first squeals, those over excited googly eyes that will teach mummy an important modern day parenting lesson – Always keep a camera or her mobile nearby no matter what because moments are fleeting, but once captured as memories they stay forever.

Oh, and let me never forget how these rattles take first place in looking over potty training and become self nominated potty training partners! Not only will they be tagged along in every potty training session, but don’t be surprised when one lands inside the potty tub. Yes, that happened with us though thankfully it was not potty time but pee time then. Phew! Thank god.

Anyway, no matter what happens to these rattles or because of them, it will always be these rattles that will have a forever open spot in every travel bag, diaper bag, luggage bag, and even mummy’s purse because without these toys how will you engage your little heartbeat with?

Hence making buying them a quite big deal because come on, you cannot just pick any rattle for your newborn or anyone’s newborn, right?

Now, though there can be many points to consider when purchasing a rattle or a set of rattles for your babe or for gifting however here are a few pointers you should consider no matter what are listed below.

1. Size 
A very simple rule applies here – Small size for small hands. Remember rattles are helpful in building grasping skills and muscle strength of the baby so they gotta be able to hold them easily.

2. Shape
Always go for a rounded shape rattle or atleast one with no sharp edges rather rounded edges. Supplemental hanging bits or dangling chains can prove dangerous in unattended little hands so the best bet is to avoid such rattles all together.

3. Color
A newborn’s vision develops gradually hence high contrasting images are easy for them to see. So, the more contrasting the colors of the rattle toy, the more your newborn will enjoy playing with it.

4. Material
These days the popularity of plastic toys is the same as that for wooden toys. The key here is to always look for a non toxic rattle that is child friendly and durable enough to withstand being thrown into toy baskets or falling down from the stroller.

5. Sound
Just as sight, a newborn’s hearing is also delicate in the early days so a loud rattle or one with a crass sound will only bring tears. So always choose a softest chime rattle that will produce only a tinkling sound in different tones.

6. Versatility 
Look for rattles that can be converted into rolling toys to encourage little one to crawl and fetch. Some rattles can be hooked on the cribs, looped into keychains, become whistlers and even become self engaging bath toys. A rattle with all these features will be more loved and most played with.

Can you guess what’s the best part about these rattle toys? No matter what happens to them, mummy and daddy just won’t have the heart to give them away. Why?

Well, because

these rattles 

will always carry

the best of memories 

of the best of days 

the first days

the days of so many firsts

with countless 


sleepless rattles.

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