I’m loving the life you’ve given me, mom
It’s so magical to hear you from inside
My heart beats along with yours
This womb has become my paradise

There is just so much love on preview here
Like my dad’s kisses, his dreams, touch and care
I bet he is excited for all the games we will share
And, you’re already teaching me so much, mom
like patience, self-care, hope and courage
Can’t wait to get out and learn more knowledge

I wish this tight you two will hold me forever
Tuck me up in bed each night, and never leave me ever
So, promise me, mom, to sing to me once,
swing me up twice, kiss my sweet yummy cheeks,
and let daddy sing the third time?

Oh, and please don’t take my kicks otherwise
They are little reminders for you to rest as advised
because very soon I will come seek,
you better act surprised!


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