How many here let their little ones decide the quantity of food they’d like to eat? Do you allow your little ones self serve?

Picky eating as a habit develops when a connection with food fails to develop in the early years. Which is why giving ample of opportunities to self feed is must after the first 6 months. Finger foods are excellent in helping a child develop the skills required to eating on their own.

Toddlers however require much more interaction with food because they are always brimming with energy, always on the go. So if you give the power to the child to decide how much to eat, picky eating can be tackled in a more developmentally appropriate way.

Scooping and pouring veggies and curries improves hand eye motoring and concentration. They’d be more likely to become a helping hand in the future when they know how to help. And they always want to help, no?

So what all can a toddler do in the kitchen?

πŸ‘‰ Help in washing, brushing, wiping raw fruits and veggies. Place them in the fridge and other places. make it a bonding session, talk lots, educate about how food is grown and how important resources are

πŸ‘‰Involve them in taste testing. Pls help me out and tell me is the salt okay?

πŸ‘‰ Help in setting the dining table. Draw a card detailing positioning of spoon, plate, fork, glass. Laminate it and place it all around the table. Your child will follow its lead

πŸ‘‰ Help in chopping soft salad items, breaking out pieces of lettuce, sprinkling nuts, drizzling salt, pepper, oil and similar. Hand out a somewhat blunt knife and be watchful while they do

πŸ‘‰ Serve themselves and anyone who asks for it. Wonderful way to learn that to serve others is to love, give them the opportunity once in a while

πŸ‘‰ Pour water in the glasses. Hand out a half filled bottle if you feel it will be very heavy for your child

πŸ‘‰ Clear out the dishes. Ask for their help. There is nothing more fulfilling to be needed. Make your little feel needed, that you and the home just cannot function without their help

πŸ‘‰ Washing the dishes by either standing on a chair or a kitchen aid. it can get messy but with time, the mess will reduce

The most helpful advice to tackle picky eating is to let kiddos be surrounded by food – raw, semi raw and cooked as per the time of the day. Above mentioned ways can help tackling it to an extent.

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