We’ve are on the go this Rakhi Festival season. Do we have all that we need? Did we pack everything that we would require? Thankfully, yes! All thanks to the checklist for packing which I follow whenever we have to go travelling.

10 DAYS CHECKLIST for PACKING for my little doll, Pihu!

What to pack for your baby or toddler? Checklist for packing!


Beginning with clothes because hey, clothes are mandatory for obvious reasons and it is these clothes only which always go hiding when needed. Here are list of few essential clothing items which one often misses out when packing for their little one.


I try to keep as many as I can since my little one, Pihu is kept diaper-free always.

(She’s almost two and we practiced Elimination Communication as a kinder means to potty training.)


With Pihu, once undies are sorted and packed. I have to fetch her vests which I keep somewhere like 4 to 5 to keep me some leverage if by any chance she dirties herself.

(A big rarity since we’ve mastered eating by ourselves thanks to Selffeeding which we practiced right after she completed 6 months. Now she is a pro with fork and semi with spoon.)


Any lower/jeans or jeggings, whatsoever that matches with her rest of the clothes are neatly tucked within the dress so as to ease fetching. Few lowers which she has completely worn out due to frequent wear are also packed to make do as night suits.

(Though we are a pro in using potty chair and potty seat, night accidents do happen incase mummy sleeps soundful so Pihu doesn’t have a night suit. We make do with mix match stuff.)


For a 10-day stay, 5 tshirts easily suffice. Cottton T-shirts are easy to wash and dry.


5 to 6 crisp cotton frocks, that are easy to put on with buttoned backs which rest right above the knee.


If we’re visiting family, we might need to dress fancy sometime or for any impromptu get-togethers, 2 or 3 fancywear is fine.


Pihu is almost two. She understands a no, but is stubborn. She knows how to take off sandals, shoes and free the velcro so I make it a point to carry a handful of socks in case she goes completely unruly and out of control.


My general thought trail for footwear goes like this – 1 comfy indoor wear like a pair of Crocs, 1 fancy meet-up wear like barbie Bellies, and mood changing chu-chu shoes so that baby smiles all throughout the vacation.


Though my sweet baby is almost poop and pee trained, but since she is not even 2, she has no control over her excretory system. Hence, I cannot expect her to to hold back on her pee or poop.

So, for travel time I do use a diaper for her which is a full set from the brand Superbottoms named SUPERBOTTOMSUNO.

  • I don’t need to put in the booster pad for short travel destinations so I make use of only the soaker.
  • It lasts me 4 to 5 hours depending on her bladder’s needs.
  • However I still pack 2 or 3 disposable diapers, just in case.

Our Diaper kit contains changing sheet, wet wipes and fresh disposable diapers to tackle any emergency.


I have noticed my doll resists bath times in a new place so, to make it all seems friendly for her, I bring along all her bath stuff like:


Say 3 to 4 that will be sufficient to wipe her face or to tackle any toilet training related accident.


Her doctor has prescribed the TEDIBAR soap and thankfully it suits her to the T and so far we’ve had no issues as such thus, it is always packed without fail.


Same as Tedibar applies to her doctor prescribed shampoo which is the SPOO shampoo.


I believe carrying her towel just completes the whole friendly bath picture.

5. Potty!

Though Elimination Communication really worked for us, we’ve yet to master night times hence I make it a point to not leave behind her toilet training essentials, like-


It assists us to stay on track with our night time pee routine. Presently our routine is as follows:

  • We follow the Elimination Communication technique.
  • She pees before bedtime.
  • Then I wake up every 3 to 4 hours to make her sit on the potty to pee.
  • Once she’s done, she is put back to sleep.  Mostly she falls back asleep easily, otherwise I nurse her to sleep.
  • Yes, I stay watchful throughout the night, even with eyes shut so that in case she squirms and asks for feed, I take it as a cue to pee.
  • I have noticed she sleeps better once her bladder has been emptied.
  • This routine changes from season to season and because it is summers, her water intake is high so is her pee count.

It is very helpful in managing poop times and day time pee routine. A potty seat makes managing poop rather easily because all you have to do is:

  1. Install the potty seat underneath the seat of your adult potty.
  2. Make your sit down on it.
  3. Wait for baby to complete the business.
  4. Clean the baby’s bum using the jet or toilet roll.
  5. Get the baby out of the seat.
  6. Flush.
  7. Wash your hands.

Though we’ve become a pro with using the handy potty and the potty seat, my little one is not a 100% potty trained. It is said to be achieved only after the baby’s third birthday. So, for now we use dry sheets to place under her in case she pees in her sleep while mommy dozes off.

Psst, at home, we’ve installed a mattress protector cover on our bed for the same And, yes, we co-sleep and have always done so.


We are giving Pihu D3 drops and Iron syrup daily on recommendation by her paediatrician. So, I do chuck in her vitamins as well when packing for her.


A change of place, no matter the distance can affect a little baby adversely so, I always make it a point to carry a few essential medicines for her like –

  • Nasal drops: I have been putting a drop daily in her nostrils after baths as recommended by her paediatrician.
  • Paracetamol syrup: In case, she catches a fever.


We got a very handy pouch along with her diaper bag which is now used for storing her after bath essentials like – Comb, Nasal drops, Kaajal, nail cutter, handy mirror etc.

I pack her accessories like – Hair ties, Hair bands, pins, badges, caps, whatsoever in a separate pouch so that’s it’s easier to hunt them out whenever needed.


My little one is very fond of her books. She is often found reaching for her favorite titles throughout the day. So, I dont leave behind her books. Of course, I dont pack all of them. This is how, I plan carrying her books.

  • I usually carry 10 to 15 favorites for her.
  • Some present favorites, some forgotten favorites and one whose habit I’m trying to build, basically a newer title.
  • Earlier I used to carry chunky board books for her so that they wouldn’t tear off but, now when we have successfully grown towards paperbacks and are gentle to them when flipping pages, they are now are lightweight, easy to pack, go-to.
  • For travel times, I pack a few plam-sized, board books.
  • Day reading books are usually light reads, mostly educational books which help her enhance her recognition skills as well as verbal skills.
  • Evening read mostly contains storybooks that are themed around bedtime. I feel they put her in the right frame of mind before she falls asleep.
  • Since these days we’re building a brushing routine I’ve also brought along a a similar read for her.

10. TOYS

My doll can do without her toys but then she will make toys out of everything be it even decoration marbles or something similar. Now to put her off from breaking anything or harming herself with these new toys, I bring a few of her toys along.

They keep her busy, contained and also help to calm her down . I just feel when she has something of her own to hold, she will be a little away from any accidental danger. Our toys potli usually contains –

  • Balls: I carry 2 to 4 brightest colors, lightweight balls to just engage her whenever needed. She plays catch, fetch, throw with them.
  • Plushies: My baby has a few stuff toys which are like her teammates so I carry her core members for pretend plays. Her lovey instantly lifts her spirits and gets in her the mood to talk, dance or just coddle.
  • Sensory toys: Now for travel, I have to opt for lightweight and easy to carry so I bring along mostly stacking toys, linking chains, nesting eggs and similar to self soothe boredom and engage her productively.


Though now my little one is able to manage with any Cutlery as she is a completely self-fed baby but I still carry her drinking glass along. Earlier I would also pack her suction bowl, her soft tipped silicon baby spoon and a fork as well.


Like every mom, even I try to not leave my little one without food for long timeperiods even though she is breastfed on demand. I pack a few of her favorite snacks to last the journey.

Below are our easy munching snacks –

  • Makhanas or flattened rice crisps
  • Sandwiches
  • Packaged food items (Oreos/Mathis, wafers etc)
  • Fruit – bananas, oranges, apples, dried grapes etc
  • Boiled veggies like beans, cauliflower, brocolli, carrots etc

13. Easy Meal Prep Essentials

Though I don’t carry all of these but, depending upon availability I make the decision to also pack for some quick hunger fixes like – Tofu, Almonds, Oats, Popcorns, Pasta, Oregano and other seasoning herbs.


This is always the last item which we mostly carry by hand. Her BLANKIE is like the biggest reminder to her of her best so I do pack it for her.

Little pointers that support my checklist for packing

🌸Firstly, I begin packing DAYS BEFORE. It might not be a week before but it is definitely not last minute.

🌸Our KITS make packing easier and most times we only have to just through in the kit without even checking for its contents like for diaper kit as it’s not used much by us and same for after bath kit as its used daily.

🌸I try to CONSULT Pihu THROUGHOUT which I believe mentally prepares her for the journey and gets her excited to meet everyone along the way.

Tell me your must pack items?🤔 are you a planned packer or last minute throw everything in kind of?😅 What are your hacks?

HMU for any queries😇 do comment

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