My little baby girl, this year has been so tough for all of us in so many ways.

But it counts in your most precious 1000 days and all you see is a grumpy mumma running around the house, picking laundry from here, a broom from there, many times crazily immersed in her phone, always just always chopping and chopping veggies endlessly all day long; and one very drained out daddy juggling work calls, balancing his laptop, mobile cord while also fighting you off to not push the switch button and of course helping out at home (such a sweetheart).

Believe me, we try to finish everything while you’re asleep or napping but some days the both us just get pulled into our affairs! So we hush you away, by me to him and him to me; and so forth till we tire you out or you find some other fancy. Sorry, baby girl. So sorry for not sitting down with you or not coming up to find you hide and also for the times you caught either of us lose temper. This COVID scare is just too much to contain especially with so many restrictions and we had so much planned for you!

It’s just heartbreaking and overwhelming too.

Of course mummy and daddy had already got so many toys and books for you to keep you busy and not miss on anything. But we know its not the toys you want when both mummy and daddy are always at home. We understand which is why you jump when asked‘lets read a book?’ Is this why you don’t want to sleep at night? So that you can spend another hour or so with both of us relaxed and completely available for you to play?

Oh, baby girl, you are so precious to want that. Mummy and daddy love you the most. We are never busy for you, we’re only busy to make things happen for you. 

Say, so what if today we are not able to take you downstairs to the kids play area, nor are we able to chase you on the grounds while you run wild and then fall down in excitement. So what, it’s okay. Of course you would have made so many new friends by now. You have become such a chatterbox, repeating anything to everything, you would be recognizing each of your friends and goofing up on many names too. Ha!

I feel you would have already build a little gang of your own. Our little gang leader, mummy and daddy would watch you be your feisty little self and you wouldn’t even turn to look at us. Yea, why would you. You know, we would have been prepping you up to start with a playgroup and be looking around for playschools near us. And, await the following playdates and whatnots!

Oh, god bless your dear little heart that at this very moment is sleeping ever so peacefully. It doesn’t even know or care for any of what I mentioned above! You are right, it doesn’t matter, none of it does. What matters is that you are here, with us. You are safe and you are dearly loved, beyond and foremost.

You have the two of us throughout the day. However we’d be, in pajamas all day long or pulling each other’s hair trying to get back on days running away with the breeze. At the end, its just us three and, believe me, my darling, this is the longest vacation we can ever plan to be. 

So let’s just be, and instead of wishing on anymore milestones. Let’s just forevermore be, be we, however so, but be, a sweet little family.

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