I know you want to go out and lay
Feel the grass scrunch under your feet
I know you want to run behind all the pigeons
And soak the sun chasing you sweet

Oh, of course the squirrels!
Ah, and the swings.
Sure, we will stay there for the longest time ever
Clearly why these tiled floors excite you never.

You’ve just woken up, my dear
Aw, it’s okay.. Mommy’s here.
Yes, yes, the entire society awaits your goodbyes and flying kisses
Of course, your chubby cheeks are what everyone misses.

But I’m so sorry, mommy has not gotten free.
The kitchen counter is screaming her name, the dish basket cries to be emptied, the room is a mess and there is still so much of everything left to do!
Plus, today your mommy is going achoo achoo.

Please lets stay indoors today?
Aw, come here, why don’t you get a book to read?
Oi, who’s that crying so loud? I told you your bunny isn’t asleep..
Oh, see, see, there is your ball! And, there is your baby! Run! Run!
And, where’s your nose?
No, no, not mine.
Oh bum, now mommy’s got to sneeze!
Go, get your quack quack to play.
And, KEEP CHEWING along the way.

Now, where is my tissue? I really need to sneeze.. where is it? where is it? whereisit? WHEREISIT?!

Oi, na-uh!
Stay there, you.
Mommy has to clean this up.
And, the floor too.

And go poo. Who?



March 1, 2020

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