Learning is a by product of keeping busy in an activity.

Even for us adults, the more we do any activity, the more we learn and understand about all things relating to it. 💓

Just like without doing anything, nothing can be achieved, same way without an activity, nothing can be learned.

It is thus very very important for little ones to keep busy constructively.

👉🏻If you want your little one to be more interactive, open ended toys are must.

👉🏻If you want your child to understand life, pretend play opportunities should be created.

👉🏻If you want little one to be expert in counting, sorting activities are helpful.

👉🏻If you want little one to learn ABC, instill a want to read, get many bright books.

👉 If you want your child to be a problem solver, puzzles should be your go to.

So invest in that which bring out your time and efforts too, stuff that you both can do together. 💓🙏🏻

Monkey see, monkey do. Play lots with littles and they will begin playing by themselves.

Through play they will learn fastest.

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