Dont we all believe that learning begins with Abcs, numbers, shapes and colors? Which is why little ones are pushed to learn them first but is it right? What matters more than Abcs? Let’s discuss👇

👉self regulation – to under anger and to channel it effectively. Being kind, showing compassion, (doctor play is very helpful here) self regulation though is very difficult for little ones who have just started understanding their feelings but the earlier one starts, the faster the self regulation learning happens. Gentle parenting is perfect approach to model behavior.

👉communication skills – knowing their name, friends names, hi, hello, sorry, please, thank you, welcome, I want this, no I dont want, I will help, rhymes (few words, if not full), rhyme actions, their body, their family, names of members, where they live etc. Also including everyone, inviting another to join the play, be excited to see another baby and going first to say hi❤️ Complimenting one another 💓 admiring each other’s strengths and being okay in clapping for them🤩

👉 cooperative play – learning with friends, playing along, tagging together, holding hands, dancing, jumping seeing each other, knowing they are loved by peers and they matter just as they are. That social security which goes beyond their immediate bubble found in home.

👉learning independence – to choose what they want to learn, how and when. They lead, we follow. Where they want to play, with whom, who to say hi, when to walk out, say no. Be real.

👉 Essential life skills – like knowing their hunger, eating or telling when full, putting on their own jacket or trying buttoning, putting on undies, choosing what to wear, their hairstyle, using potty, telling when done, putting soap on themselves, wiping body after bath, wiping nose, understanding mom’s upset, showing care, compassion, understanding reasons.

👉 Problem solving – which book to read, which toy to play, which game is fun, what activity to do, where to sit, turn the lights on, turn fan on, turn off when leaving

I believe in working to develop these skills more than just concentrating traditional education. No rote learning, more practical plays – fine motor, gross, analytical, sensory, numerical, science, stem etc so many ways.

Just an assurance – School will teach abc, 123, writing, and other lessons sooner or later. Everyone learns it eventually, there is no escape🤗❤️ but these above mentioned life skills will start the child on the path of becoming a better individual before school😇 which is the biggest lesson, right?

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