Today I made some almond milk
had soaked almonds all night through
morning, I blended them with water
now what’s left is almond pulp
psst, right now
our fridge is stocked
with dairy products
and what not
to be true

I understand
the process will be slow
but now
there is also
a bowl of vegan milk
and vegan mango milkshake
as part of the show
my little one
had it all so happily
I doubt she even
got to know

it was real creamy
and frothy
surprisingly so
it could beat
any dairy milk
as it was all white
and pure
as snow
this is our first step
to a kinder living
and I just thought
you’d be pleased
to know.


May 18, 2020.

Pihu enjoying Vegan Vanilla Milkshake.
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