Oh no, Polly, the cutest little pup has lost her mom! Or, has she? Come on then, let’s trace the farm as Polly goes looking for her mommy in this super adorable googly eyes book! 

Polly the farm puppy googly eyes book
Will you help adorable Polly search for her mother?

Polly the farm puppy is a twelve paged, cutesy googly eyes board book. The googly eyes peek through all the pages which Polly zooms from Mr. Horse to the piggies in the pigsty to meeting Mr. Spider to the Chickens, to the cows, and finally to her warm kennel where someone eagerly awaits for her.. who?

Keep guessing!

Googly eyes book – Polly the farm puppy by Ben Adams

Polly the farm puppy
That’s Polly!

Why you’re going to love this farm adventure!

polly the farm puppy book
  1. The illustrations are super bright, colorful, well detailed, and adorably done, and the text is not very wordy.
  2. The googly eyes will keep your baby’s eyes fixed and eager for another read.
  3. Your baby will meet many farm animals lazying in their homes.
  4. There is a Henry the horse grazing in his stable, Pinky the Pig and her little piglets, Major the cockerel with his hen friends, a group of sheep soaking the sun, cows bickering in the cowshed and of course Polly’s kennel. 

There is so much in store for your little one in this super colorful book!

googly eyes cockerel
  • They will learn animals, their homes, their babies, the farm environment, and of course a love so dear of a little pup for his mommy dearest.
  • Teach them sounds, animal babies, little critters, the unique names of all pets, identify farm objects, their uses, and much more!
  • Its sturdy pages and the googly eyes will follow tiny hands to numerous giggles and chuckles.
  • This farm tale book will for sure find itself in the first row of your little one’s library!

What makes Polly the farm puppy book completely irrestible?

The biggest plus of this book is that the Googly eyes do not stay fixed to a certain face rather they travel from one animal to another. They will be found on a horse, pig, cockerel, cow, puppy, and.. any guesses?

googly eyes spider
..even land upon a big hairy spider! Eek!

We very much recommend this brightly illustrated, very interactive board book to all toddlers right from when they turn six months old. It should last you years and years of amusement and joy in your household like it does in mine.

I can’t express the sheer contentment I feel when my little one goes back to this book again and again; and how she screams, running into my arms- Eek, Spider!

We believe, this book can be the perfect companion when potty training! So, if you’re struggling in making your little one sit on the potty, get an attractive book. Get yourself Polly the farm puppy today!

little one reading polly the farm puppy book
Just look at her enthusiasm! She literally transports to the farmland whenever she reads this book. I absolutely love it!

Ha! What more can you want from a storybook?

We hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as we are! Happy reading and browse other book reviews done by us as well by clicking on the button below!

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