If you want to inculcate a reading habit in your child the first step would be to start the earliest. You can opt for board books, cloth books, plastic books, bath books, and also puzzle books. Especially those which have only ONE-PIECE puzzles like our today’s book – The Farm Babies Book!


So this is an early learning book. It is basically a very heavy duty, farm themed, joyful puzzle board book with six chunky baby animal pieces to place around.

The Farm Babies book is basically a twelve-page puzzle book, which has six lovely scenes depicting six different animal parents whose babies are the puzzle pieces.

Find the chubbiest little chick, an adorable piglet, a playful puppy, a jolly foal, an innocent lamb and a lazy calf goofing around with their mums and dads on the farm.

What’s in it for your babe?

Your little one has to match and place all the babies next to their parents in the slots provided.The puzzle pieces are huge in size which makes them perfect for little hands to pick and place, excellent for developing grasping skills. They have rounded edges making them highly unlikely to hurt your baby. Being so rough and tough in feel, they are perfect to be used as sensory story toys as well. 

The excitement parents can build here is to teach the baby new words, all the animal names, their unique sounds, what the baby animals are called, their individual names, what activities they are doing in the scenes and whom are they with.

Farm babies book features laura lamb

What’s the biggest plus of this book is?

farm babies book has a paper envelope

The book opens with a permanently fixed paper pouch/ flap bag envelope attached to one side where all the baby animal puzzle pieces are stored. 

This was a first for us too!

Now I needn’t worry about her losing any baby animal because they have their own spot! See!

My daughter’s reaction to the Farm Babies book

Pihu, for now, identifies and repeats the animals, their little ones and also their names. She makes the sounds of the animals and also does the actions for the activities depicted in the scenes. Oh, and she also identifies the other objects and critters that are shown in the scenes.

She knows it’s her job to look through the stack of baby animal puzzle pieces and hand me the correct one or tries to place them (we will get to that soon).

PihuGulla reading Farm babies book

It is so adorable to hear her say ‘No!’ to herself when she puts a wrong baby next to the parent.

The task of taking out each baby animal and putting them back in the envelope is also hers.

Of course since she is only turning two she really hasn’t understood how to fix the puzzle pieces in their correct slots but I am sure very soon she will.

Until then this is how we have the most fun with this super educational farm book.

We recommend this adorable baby book as an absolute must for every tiny tot above six months old

A tip when purchasing books for your mini me – Go for Animal themed books!
Farm babies book horses

Of all the different character books that I have read to my baby girl, Pihu it is always the farm theme which makes her fall in love instantly.

So go for an animal theme or a farm set up based book and trust me the chance of going wrong there will be actually zero.)

If you are unable to find this book, just get in touch with me and I will do my best to guide you through or simply look for a suitable variant for your little one in the PUZZLE BOARD BOOKS section.

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