My little one has often watched us use a pen and what began as friendly hushing her by giving her a capped pen to hold and chew has now evolved to snatching away the pen from mummy and daddy’s hand to scribble on the walls.

We tried making her scribble in a drawing book then a coloring book and even on ruled sheets, but the instant we’d look away, madam Pihu would be standing in front of the sitting room wall happily drawing landscape.

Can you believe it she has even managed to draw art on the fridge side body!

Of course we needed a solution and asap pronto!

Thanks to a very dear friend who recommended this simple yet effective idea of a SCRIBBLE SETUP to engage my little angel. Finally our walls and floor are safe from becoming the canvas to Pihu – the Picasso’s passionate art works. 

Materials used –

  1. Drawing sheets
  2. Triangle shaped thick pastel colors
  3. Cello tape

Our routine is really simple. All we did was this – tape the sheet on to any door or an almirah which will be at the eye level for your little one. Also it will be a whole lot easier for you if you setup the drawing station somewhere where you can keep an eye on constantly and then give the colors to your baby to go crazy with. 

During the activity you can teach colors, shapes and also the alphabet. You can even sing related rhymes and teach identification. Alott a fixed time daily and very soon your babe will come running to you asking for colors.

Tip – Its best to avoid sticking the sheet on a wall in case of little toddlers just to protect your walls from becoming their canvas. Hence, a door is a good alternative.

And, please keep the colors away from your toddler’s reach because they can have an urge to color anytime and anywhere.

FYI Scribbling/ Coloring is an effective method of boosting the growth of sensory nerves. Creating art gives the child wings to express themselves. They feel empowered and much aware of their surroundings when they are given the chance to work around it.

It’s a great tool to interpret if something is bothering them. If you notice carefully there will be variations in the techniques or methods or choice of colors your baby will choose depending on their mood.

A word of caution – Never, ever leave a teething baby unattended. It will be highly likely that they will be found chewing on the colors.

We hope you’d try out this activity and will share with us how much you all enjoyed. Have a safe week ahead!

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