Now, this is banana oats pancake recipe is a quick yet very healthy breakfast favorite of my little one. Its excellent for practicing selffeeding, supports development of pincer grip and for toddlers, it’s a good recipe for teaching the use of cutlery.

So, whenever Pihu barely finishes her dinner(which happens, believe me) or, if she only settles with the salad for dinner (happens, really!) we gorge on these pancakes the next morning as they are very filling. These are perfect for toddlers – 1 year onwards. As a meal, oat pancakes coupled with bananas is like a powerhouse of energy and happy nutrition. Bananas and oats as a meal or as a drink have always put my little one in a good mood. So, I go back to this recipe time and again.

Time required:

10 minutes (preparation)

20 to 25 minutes (cooking)


(makes 2 to 3 medium sized pancakes)

  1. Blend sugar (can skip if banana is an old one or use jaggery, if available), white sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, fennel seeds, soaked almonds/cashews to a fine powder.
  2. Run the dry mixture with half a banana. Add few drops of vanilla essence, if available.
  3. Then add to the blender a huge dollop of oats, some wheat flour and blend it with water for 20 to 25 seconds.
  4. Check the consistency and run it again accordingly adding water or flour as needed.
  5. The batter should be thick yet runny.
  6. Sweetness should be mild.
  7. Pour it on a nonstick pan and let it cook on low to medium flame.
  8. Once the batter begins to leave the pan from the sides, carefully flip it over and cook till it becomes brown.
  9. Some recipes suggest use of baking powder to make the pancakes fluffy. So, your call. I however skipped it.
  10. You could smother some peanut butter for a crunchier bite.
  11. I usually bring in the jar when I find Pihu to be losing interest in the meal. Ofcourse, she gets very little.

I believe this recipe is really effective in incorporating good fats to your little one’s developing body. It’s a great tool to including healthy nuts and seeds. Its completely vegan and plant based, hence the nutrition quotient is basically endless.

However, any new ingredient should first be evaluated to test allergies hence, as a breakfast meal this pancake recipe is sure to be a hit!

Let’s go through the recipe in detail-

Pour the batter on a nonstick pan spreading it around outwards to ensure uniform thickness. Notice the batter leaving the edges and rising up.
Once you flip the pancake, it should look somewhat like this. Let it cook on medium flame and watch it rise further on.
Once done, it should look somewhat like this. The gorgeous browns show the pancake is all done and ready to serve.

Little pointers that can make a whole world of difference to your basic pancake:

A. Top it with your favorite maple syrup, caramel sauce or peanut butter. However for your little one, be careful about the quantity.

B. If you like fluffier version, just add a few pinches of baking powder.

C. Fruits also go excellent as an add on to these pancakes however for toddlers it might cause favoritism and they might completely reject the pancakes. So, be careful with addons for little eaters.

D. Instead of oats or wheat flour you can opt for rice flour or even healthier ragi flour, whatever your family accepts.

E. Allow the batter to sit for atleast 5 to 10 minutes. It will bring a world of difference to your pancakes.

F. Slightly roasting flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and white sesame along with oats will bring an earthy crunchiness to the pancakes

I hope you enjoyed the recipe and would give it a try. Do let me know in the comments how did your little react to this breakfast meal. Do try out more of Pihu’s most favorite recipes by clicking on the button below!


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