Has your baby become very cranky all of a sudden? Lockdown blues affect one and all equally. But, how to engage a BORED TODDLER. I have a solution!

When baby is being extremely irritable it calls for quick measures.

How about a quick Game of Object Hide and Seek? I assure you it can lift the spirits of any bored toddler!

Materials required

All I did was get a few bowls from the kitchen and hide a small object under one. We opted for travel-size cosmetic cream. It came very handy!

How does the game work?

The main purpose of the game is to find the object from under the bowls in one go. Mummy will hide the object as sneakily as possible while the baby looks away or sits distracted.

See, such a simple game to change any bored toddler ‘s mood!

It took Pihu one round to understand how the game works and both of us had a good time hiding and finding the object.

Learning curve of this activity

  • Such impromptu games are excellent to engage your little one and sneakily bring a change in their mood.
  • Puts off naps in odd times that might affect the sleep pattern.
  • Makes the mind sharp when they carefully watch the object being transferred from under one bowl to another.
  • Excellent as sensory play as well. Every win ups the confidence meter and excitement builds for the next round.
  • Is a great diversion from screens.

Another interesting activity that my little one absolutely enjoys is the scribble setup we’ve done for her. Do check out how I often find my little Picasso in front of it with a crayon in hand!

Do you and your baby play any such games too? Then do share them with us in the comments below!

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