I believe a baby should have a wide variety of books. A little one’s library should have loads of touch n feel books, lift the flap books, bumpy books, sensory playbooks, and tactile books too! One of the best interactive books for babies is Sue Hendra’s – Norman’s New Shell!

Norman's New shell is one of the best interactive books for babies
Penned around a silly little slug who is on the lookout for a new shell, Sue Hendra knows just how to make a baby’s eyes sparkle with excitement. 

Norman’s new shell is a twelve-page color bomb type of a book. Its laser cut, shaped pages are very effective for tactile learning and visual stimulation of a little one’s developing brain. The adorable antics of Norman, his expressions, and all the vibrant colors will instinctively appeal to naughty eyes.

Why is it in one of the best interactive books for babies list?

babies love bright images, sue hendra books,
  • The highs and lows of the textual beat will surely bring many giggles, funny actions, and applause.
  • A special mention deserves to be made for the food items and other objects that will make your little one ooh and aah in excitement!
  • Now, though the text is really simple and very on beat, it is still downright plain silly.
  • The bright illustrations make Norman’s New Shell just the perfect book for babies from three months onwards at least.
  • It doesn’t matter if they have a very narrow attention span. Each page is also and not really directly related to the previous page hence makes picking up the book from anywhere an easy feat.
  • Teach your baby colors, identify objects, learn names of objects, practice silly actions, and just make a good readout of this very special book based on one of the tiniest of creatures.
my little one enjoying a read
Babies are sure to love this sweet, hilarious, and crazily funny slug! We totally recommend this slug’s silly shell hunt book to all new readers!

We assure you this sturdy book which will last you many years of rib-tickling fun. Norman’s New Shell is a book for keeps!

How does this marvel book of Sue Hendra influence my little one?

At my place, it not just Pihu who fell for Norman instantly, but also Pihu’s dad. In fact, he called it the best purchase of all the books I had bought for her. And, coming from a simpleton like him, that’s some compliment! 

Since Pihu’s library is rather large we keep shuffling books and also their places. This helps in maintaining little Pihu’s fondness towards a book. But, with this book, it takes only a few days for her to hunt it down and get back to me for a read. It’s like, if she sees Norman, she wants to read Norman.

Her enthusiasm for this book gives me so much happiness. I feel over the moon that she loves it just as much I love her which is why we suggest you get your hands on this Norman explosion!

Norman's new shell, Sue Hendra
Another gem of a book from children’s favorite, Sue Hendra is the Norman series is Norman the Slug with a silly shell.

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