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As a first time mom, Abha soon realized that her motherhood journey wasn’t going to be easy. She researched and researched ways to tackle the simplest of things like – the correct way to hold a baby? Or How to make your baby fall asleep faster, and many more.

Some of her research worked and some bombed to ashes. Here she brings to you what worked for her and her baby girl. May it find you when you need it the most and may it work for you as excellently it did for them.

She fills my heart with so much love, a love that I never imagined I could feel so strongly for. I guess that’s just what motherhood does to you.


What’s for you here?

Articles Celebrating Motherhood

A must read for all the new moms! Just click here! Check them out for tried and tested answers to the many queries that arise during the early days of parenting, and thereafter. The fun just never ends with a tiny person and it’s all here for you to assess and process. So hop on!

Happy Pregnancy Articles/ Tips

A woman becomes a mother the moment she births a baby in her womb. Read these feel good articles to her and lighten her emotional rollercoaster. Reach the articles by clicking here!

Super Handy Parenting Tips

Sometimes we mothers overexert ourselves trying to be the best mother to their mini-me. Isn’t it so? Well, why be the best mother, and why not just parent smartly? Read these handy tips and tricks that can help you ace modern-day parenting!

Heartwarming Parenthood Related Poetry

Poems that will stir your inner mommy soul! Watch my little one be her super adorable self through these beautiful poems. Read them here!

Baby Book Recommendations/ Reviews

Pihu and I are voracious readers thus we have lots to talk about books and how to make the best out of them. Our impressive library is much spoken about and also envied. Here we bring to you the best of the best of our book collection. Just click here! We hope this series will be helpful when you go looking for books for your little buddy!

Baby Meal Recipes

Quick and easy to make recipes that you can start preparing for your little ones once they become six months old. However, please be aware that as per WHO guidelines, babies below the age of one year should not be offered food containing salt or sugar as it can cause health complications. Enjoy!

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